With over 92 instructional activity videos associated to 22 lesson plans - Teaching Badminton in your school has never been easier!

Each lesson is demonstrated through our short instructional activity videos. Follow along with the Teaching Manual & Lesson Plan Overview to make the most our of your classes!

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Lesson 1: Introduction to Grips

Lesson 2: Grip Change & Footwork

Lesson 3: Net & Lunge

Lesson 4: Net & Starting

Lesson 5: Revision Games

Lesson 6: Revision Games cont.

Lesson 7: Serve & Rally

Lesson 13: Clear with Jump

Lesson 14: Development Games


Lesson 17: Smash & Block

Lesson 18: Development Games

Lesson 15: Drop with Scissor Jump

Lesson 16: Development Games

Lesson 8: Backhand Shots

Lesson 9: Forehand Lift

Lesson 10: Revision Games



Lesson 11: Mid-court Drives

Lesson 12: Mid-court Development

Lesson 19: Singles Tactics

Lesson 20: Development Games

Lesson 21: Doubles Tactics

Lesson 22: Development Games


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