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The sport of badminton is played by over 4 million Canadians each year. Some will play recreationally in their yards, cottages, community centers. Other will play more organized badminton through club programs and the various competitions structures offered throughout the country by regional and provincial badminton organizations. However the majority of these 4 million individuals are Elementary or High School student.


Badminton Canada adopted the Badminton World Federation (BWF) SHUTTLE TIME program as our new national school program in December 2015 after a yearlong pilot of the program conducted by Badminton Alberta. The program is designed to ensure that educators are well equipped to deliver quality badminton instruction that is age appropriate and fun for all participants.


The BWF SHUTTLE TIME technical package offers much to educators and students; lesson plans, drills, and video demonstrations. Unique to Canada is an online module that teachers can access that provides all the content through a mobile device as well as generate certificates of participation for all their students.


The BWF SHUTTLE TIME program was written for an international audience. To enhance the age and grade specific delivery inn Canada, and to better align with our development model, Badminton Canada has sub-divided all 22 deliverables in the BWF SHUTTLE TIME program into three different levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Badminton Canada firmly believes that the BWF SHUTTLE TIME program will enrich and advance the physical education programs that follow the program and will enable students the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to lead physically active and healthy lives, now and in their future through our sport.

Yours in sport,


Badminton Canada


Shuttle Time aims to:

  • Assist teachers to plan and deliver safe and fun badminton lessons

  • Ensure that children experience success in badminton

  • Achieve general physical education objectives through the badminton activities

  • Enable teachers to deliver a positive image and experience of badminton

This means that children will experience the fun and excitement of badminton, without over complicating the content for teachers or children who are new to the sport

  • Badminton is equally accessible to both boys and girls

  • Badminton is safe, low impact sport for children

  • Badminton builds fundamental sporting skills

  • Pupils of all abilities can be successful in developing skills which will allow them to play badminton for life

  • Badminton is accessible for people with a disability - Para-badminton 


Lessons and activities in this program are designed for 'learning' badminton skills in groups. As children and students progress through Shuttle Time, they will develop physical skills, learn tactical skills, and how to play and win the game

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